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Max Mara has always had a great respect for its origins, trying to enhance the experiences and paths that led to the foundation of the company in 1951 by Achille Maramotti.

Love for tailoring and a passion for dressmaking are key aptitudes handed down by the great grandmother of the founder, Marina Rinaldi, who in 1850 owned and managed an important atelier in the centre of Reggio Emilia: everything was done by hand with great attention to detail and the finishing touches.
This deep rooted passion was handed down to her granddaughter, Giulia Fontanesi Maramotti, who in 1925 started teaching modelling and sewing and published a series of books dedicated to the "theory of cutting".

In her teaching career Giulia Fontanesi created the "Maramotti Cutting and Dressmaking School" to train artisans and technicians capable of producing models or garments from a sketch or fashion plate.

Achille Maramotti was born in this family context, fascinated by books, captivated by the hours and nights spent to make a dress; the training provided by the School allowed him to quickly find highly qualified personnel with great manual abilities, essential for the development of the company "Confezioni Maramotti", the birth name of Max Mara, chosen in honour of his mother's activity.

Today, the Max Mara Group is a model and reference point for Italian and International ready-to-wear fashion. The passion and determination of its founder, Achille Maramotti, has been passed down to new generations that, assisted by a valuable, expert management team, commit to the high standards of the company to continue the 60-year-old tradition of innovation.

Passion, commitment and tradition at the service of a fashion interpreted with personality and rigour, today proposed with more than 60 different collections that share quality, style and the respect of the distinguishing trait that has made the Max Mara Group one of the most important groups worldwide.

Max Mara group, with 41 companies and more than 5,000 employees, operates in 105 countries worldwide.


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