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職位名稱: Executive Chef - 行政總廚 (西餐)    
提供月薪: 面議 工作類型: 全職
學歷要求: 本科 工作地點: 中國澳門
招聘人數: 1 工作經驗: 5年
更新日期: 2021年10月11日 職位類型:


行政總廚 (西餐)

Executive Chef (Western Cuisine Restaurant)

Reporting directly to the Director of Food & Beveragethis incumbent will be focusing on offering excellent food and dining experience to the customers in accordance to the brand guidance and standards for a purpose to sustain the food production quality and hygiene standard in the kitchen. At the same time, he/she will also be focus on managing and coaching all kitchen staff so that their performance are up to company standards, and eventually deliver an excellent food and dining joinery to the customers apart from achieving the business objectives in relation to sales and operations performances.


Role and Responsibilities 工作職責

·    1)  Set up the kitchen with the team including menus, workflow and SOP, job assignments, food quality standards and hygiene maintenance.

·           建立廚房團隊,制定菜單、工作流程、標準操作步驟及工作分配,以達至食品標準及衛生指標  

·     2)  Lead the team to ensure the efficiency and smoothness of the kitchen operations in aligning with the business objectives and the SOP.

·             帶領廚房團隊按公司營運目標及標準操作步驟、有效率順暢地運作

·     3)  Research and create any new products and dishes in order to keep abreast with any changes in the market.

·            進行市場調查及開發新食品及菜式,以配合市場的需求及轉變

·     4)   Monitor and uplift the food quality in accordance with the brand guidance.

·             根據品牌指引監察和提高食物質素

·    5)  Monitor and supervisor the food hygiene and safety to reach a compliance of the statutory requirement as well as internal control and compliance.

·            監察和指導同事確保食物衛生及安全標準以符合政府及公司內部規定

·     6)  Conduct regular performance evaluation; groom and coach all kitchen staff to be the ambassadors of the restaurant so as to provide learning opportunities for their individual growth.

·         定期與團隊進行工作表現評估指導和培訓廚房同事,令他們得到自我發展機會,能獨當一面為餐廳服務

·    7)  Work closely with senior management on menu & product design, promotion & marketing, regular reporting on restaurant operations, profit & loss, etc. 

·            與公司管理層就菜單和食品設計、推廣和營銷等事宜作緊密溝通及合作,並就餐廳營運、利潤和成本作定期匯報

·     8)   Collaborate with marketing teams to execute all the marketing and PR activities in order to maintain the restaurant in a leading position in the market.

·              與市場營業部合作推行市場營銷和公關活動,致令餐廳在市場上維持領先地位

·     9)  Fully manage the cost and inventory control and work closely with purchasing team to review the system and workflow.

·               全面管理成本和貨存,和採購部門緊密合作以定期檢視採購系統和工作流程

·     10)  Work with human resources team to plan and monitor people agenda in order to sustain a pool of talents within the restaurant.

·               與人力資源部合作計劃及管理人事安排,以確保餐廳內的人才得到相關支持及協助 

·      11)   Support and lead multi-assignments in align with business plan and development.


Requirements 工作要求:

·     1)  Bachelor degree in Culinary Science or related discipline.


·     2)  Minimum 5 years relevant work experience in western cuisine.

·             至少5年或以上於西餐料理的相關工作經驗

·     3)  Has worked in modern fine dining western cuisine or reputable hotels or restaurants would be a preferred bonus.

·           曾於西式時尚高級餐廳或酒店工作為佳

·     4)  Hands-on skill in setting up and running Western or international cuisine is a must.

·            須具備實際開設餐廳、及管理西式餐廳或國際料理之技能

       5)  Strong sense of creative and innovative approach on food development with extensive knowledge in Western cuisines.

·          具創意力、主張創新食物製作、對西式料理有全面認識

·     6)  Excellent interpersonal, communication, leadership and management skills.

·           備有出色的溝通技巧、領導及管理才能

  7)   Good training & coaching skills to deliver on-the-job training to the kitchen staff.

·            良好的培訓及指導技能,以提供在職培訓予廚房同事

·     8)   Strong business acumen with cost conscious, result-driven and customer-oriented mindset.


·     9)  Competency in decision-making, flexibility and analytical skills. 

·            擁有良好的決策能力,能彈性處理及分析事宜

·     10)  Experience in business pre-opening and mobilization projects.


·     11)  Proficient in written and spoken English / Chinese / Mandarin.


·     12)  Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


·     13)  To be stationed in Macau; Holders of Macau ID or Macau work visa are preferred.

·               駐守澳門工作﹔持有澳門身份證或澳門工作簽證為佳

·      14)  Working Location :  Grand Lisboa Palace Hotel, Macau.

  ·             工作地點澳門上葡京綜合度假村

Attractive remuneration and fringe benefits will be offered to the right candidates. Interested parties, please email your resume with current & expected salary by clicking below “Apply Now”.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All applications received will be used strictly for selection purposes only. Your application may also be considered for other suitable positions within the Company. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed after 6 months.

Interested parties, please submit your application with your resume stating with your current & expected salaries by email at macauhr@epicurean.com.hk


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