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職位名稱: E&M Engineer    
提供月薪: 面議 工作類型: 全職
學歷要求: 本科 工作地點: 中國澳門
招聘人數: 1 工作經驗: 3年
更新日期: 2021年10月12日 職位類型:


E&M Engineer


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To support in the planning, design, build and maintain CEM’s Transmission and Distribution Power Network comply with statutory and CEM requirements
  • To plan CEM’s network development including refurbishment, renewal, diversion, upgrading and reinforcement to provide adequate and reliable supply and to keep the integrity of CEM network
  • To establish good communications and co-operations with government and other utilities for CEM infrastructure development
  • To control and monitor contractors to ensure they comply with CEM’s contractual obligations
  • To be responsible for the preventative maintenance of the public lighting network, including the associated equipment, in accordance with Government’s requirement


  • Qualification
    • Bachelor degree or above in Electromechanical Engineering or related disciplines
    • Possesses 3 years of relevant working experience is preferred
    • Holder of Professional Certifications such as Macau Certified Engineer, Certified First Aider will be an advantage
  • Computer Literacy
    • Proficient in MS Office Suite and Chinese Word Processing are mandatory
  • Language Skills
    • Proficient in spoken and written Chinese and English
    • Good command in Mandarin is preferred
  • Others
    • Good analytical, problem-solving and report writing skills
    • Good communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
    • Being professional, initiative, self-motivated, enthusiastic and with high team dynamics
    • Possesses driving license of light vehicle and Occupational Safety Card


賬號: 密碼:

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