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LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Needs YOU!

LUSH is an international retailer of fresh handmade cosmetics that is known worldwide for changing the face, body and soul of the cosmetics industry. Our unique bath and beauty products, amazing skin and hair care, personalized customer service, environmental activism and fun and unique atmosphere make LUSH a truly unique and inspirational place to work.
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is an international cosmetics company with over 902 shops spanning 50 countries.


嵐舒是一間國際美容公司,業務遍佈全球50個國家,分店數目超過900間。我們主張產品以新鮮的原材料,並以人手製造產品。嵐舒是一家國際美容公司,於世界聞名以新鮮手製產品改變化妝品行業的面貌。我們獨特的沐浴和美容產品、一級棒的皮膚和頭髮護理、個性化的客戶服務、環保主義、充滿樂趣和獨特的氛圍,使嵐舒是一個真正獨特的和令人充滿靈感的工作場所。作為一家國際公司,嵐舒擁有超過902商店橫跨50個國家 。

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Whether we’re helping customers meet their skin or hair care needs, or working to make a difference in the communities where we live and work, LUSH is committed to having a positive impact in people’s lives. We feel good about working here because LUSH supports beauty without cruelty by not testing on animals. LUSH will not do business with any supplier that is engaged in animal testing for any purpose, be they cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, etc. We feel so strongly about this issue that we refuse to work with suppliers that provide raw materials tested on animals to businesses other than our own. We also really like our Charity Pot Program and Ethical Campaigns.


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