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The story of La Perla begins in 1954 in Bologna, a city renowned for its arched colonnades and Renaissance structures. It is here that the talented corsetry maker Ada Masotti first designed undergarments that would revolutionise the way women dress forever.

Ada pioneered a vision to enhance feminine beauty and elegance. Her dedication to craftsmanship and quality led her to explore how lingerie could be both functional and luxurious. From innovative constructions to the velvet lined boxes which present the items inside like they were precious jewels, Ada’s creations were instilled with a quality that we recognise today as ‘made in Italy’.

Owing to this rich heritage and unrivalled knowledge of the female body, La Perla has grown into a leading luxury fashion house. La Perla is available through a network of flagship stores, shop-in-shops, department stores and specialised boutiques, located in the heart of the most important fashion districts in the world.

Today, in the same northern Italian town where La Perla first started, a long-standing team of talented craftspeople continue to preserve and perfect Ada’s vision. They address the ever-changing demands of fashion and are committed to interpreting the evolution of femininity through the art of lingerie.

In 2018, La Perla was purchased by Amsterdam-based private equity firm, Sapinda Holding B.V, whose active investment role continues to expand La Perla across the globe as a leading luxury purveyor of intimate apparel.


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