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課程名稱: Rigos US CPA Review
機構名稱: Rigos US CPA /US CMA Review
授課講師: Experienced Professors from USA
開課日期: Weekend Classes
授課方式: Live-Lectures or Distance Learning
課程類型: 外語
上課地點: Regla Kowloon Hotel , Hong Kong
培訓對象: Any Diploma/Degree Holder
培訓時間: 9:00am-7:00pm
收費標準: HK$22,500 or $6,000
培訓內容: To Become US CPA Full Member in Six Months - (AICPA)

-Exciting all-live lectures
-Taught by Experienced Professors from USA
-Tailor Made Textbooks
-Computer Drills and Audio CD Available
-Magic Memory Outlines
-Past Exam Papers
-Other Reference Books Available
-Past Exam Paper
-Transcripts Evaluation, Exam application and hotel assistance provided
-Top up Credits available
-Eligible for HK Government Training Fund
-Award of Certificate in Professional Accountancy
HK Reg No.360299

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