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     Links Macau Business Solutions
Links Recruitment Macau is the only licensed Hong Kong company located in the territory supported by a Macau resident who has international exposure from both the US and Hong Kong. In addition to recruitment, visa and payroll services, our licensed office specializes in Business Set-Up and Solutions. For new entrants to the market, the Macau office coordinates business registration, bank account set-up, contract outsourcing, visa processing, payroll outsourcing, and initial hiring for an entire office - enabling a seamless opening for businesses in Macau.
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For oversea companies who want to setup their first office in Macau, Links Recruitment provides a comprehensive business setup services to make the process easy and simple. We are experienced in helping our clients to understand the process of setting their business locally here, and give professional advice on how best to structure the company setup meeting their needs.  
We have been providing this service since 2005. We help our clients to be well prepared prior to their arrival of Macau for the necessary procedures, ensuring a time efficient process to get their business license in Macau.
We add value to our clients' recruitment process by acting as an extended arm of their HR and internal recruitment functions - contributing our specialist knowledge and expertise, saving time, facilitating the process and managing both client and candidate expectations.
We do not believe in merely matching a skill set, we invest considerable time in getting to know our clients' industries, businesses and corporate cultures. Likewise we clarify our candidates' career aspirations, preferences and personalities, thus ensuring not only the right skill match but also the personality and cultural fit leading to mutual satisfaction.
Our Clients' Profile  
 * Multinationals with significant presence in Asia Pacific, whose regional headquarters are in Hong Kong or Macau
 * International companies without a physical presence in the region, whom we assist to recruit their first employees     and core team for the region
 * China conglomerates expanding regionally and looking for international calibre talent
 * Small and medium size companies (SMEs) who operate in China, Greater China or North Asia out of Hong Kong or     Macau
Links Macau Visa Services assists clients in bringing overseas employees to work in Macau quickly and efficiently. Our visa services ensure that our clients hire employees in compliance with the legal government requirements of Macau. We strive to simplify and eliminate the administrative process and allow you to focus your time on your core business.
Links Macau is a specialist payroll management provider, we offer highly personalized and customized services to corporate clients with varying size of operations ranging from one to hundreds of employees. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a tailor-made service that will reflect and accommodate our client's exact requirements.
Drawn from the professional services industry, our payroll service team has the knowledge and expertise to understand and meet client needs. Our highly dedicated staff ensures a trouble-free and convenient monthly payroll approval process.

If you need support or have any enquiry, please contact Maria Iau, General Manager at (853) 2875-2774 or
maria.iau@linksrecruitment.com for further information.

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領域人事顧問(澳門)有限公司 (下稱“領域”)是一間擁有豐富經驗與國際視野的本地註冊公司 - 專門提供在澳門開設公司、招 聘、工作簽證以及工資發放服務。對於初次在澳門成立的公司,我們可協辦商業登記、銀行帳戶、合同外包、簽證手續、 工資外包、及聘請員工等等,使到開設公司的程序變得輕鬆簡易。
     公司成立方案       招聘服務     申請工作簽證     工資發放方案  
 * 於亞太區重點發展之跨國集團,其區域總部均設於香港或澳門。
 * 於區域內還未設點,而本公司協助招募首批核心員工之國際性企業。
 * 於大中華或香港與澳門以外的亞太區城市營運的中小型公司。

如有任何疑問或須查詢詳情,請與我們的總經理丘小姐聯絡,電話: (853)2875-2774 ,
電郵: maria.iau@linksrecruitment.com



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